We understand how difficult it is to complete the FTMO or any Prop Firm Challenge on your own, and how disheartening it is to fail… That’s why our team of expert traders will help you pass your Prop Challenge and trade up to $400,000!


A  financial firm or commercial bank that invests for direct market gain rather than generating commission money by trading on behalf of clients is referred to as a proprietary trading firm. It’s also referred to as “prop trading.” They hire skilled forex traders to trade with their money for a 80:20 profit share (80 percent for you the trader). To ensure that the trader is suitable, they must complete a two-step evaluation challenge in which they must satisfy profit targets while keeping losses to a minimum.


As a forex trader, you must follow specific rules when taking Most Prop Firm challenge. We understand and follow the rules strictly to ensure our clients have a high success rate. These are some of the rules:

Maximum 30 trade days

Minimum 10 trade days

5% Maximum daily loss

10% Maximum total loss

10% Profit target

1:100 Leverage


You can trade with other people’s money worth up to $400,000.  It’s best for individuals who don’t have a lot of money to trade with or who are risk averse. Getting your hands on a funded account is one of the  fastest ways to start making a living from trading.


Don’t worry if you’ve already failed an FTMO or any other prop firm challenge. We have developed a working Semi Automated Strategy that will help you pass any challenge and verification without lifting a finger.  Our system is tested have 89% win rate and  we guarantee a free retry if you do not pass the first time. We have helped trades like you achieve financial freedom.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Only have good things to say about Dan. Always available, super nice, everything runs like clockwork. First account is through and another one is well on its way. Will definitely let him manage the accounts without feeling bad about it!
Lars Boenninghoff
Best experience. Very nice service! Mr. Dan is very friendly and professional. He has helped me all the way. Today i passed the test and with confidence and trust i would love to hand over my accounts to be managed by him. Well done and keep up the good work guys. You are changing lives here ❤️
Ahmed Qureshi


Every trader enjoys trading with huge capital, and many traders do not have much money to invest—Prop Firm Companies like FTMO help fund traders that can pass their test successfully. 90% of traders cannot pass the challenge and verification for FTMO or other Prop firms with their strategies. We have developed a semi-automated system that can successfully pass this challenge. We love to help you pass your challenge and manage your funded account so you can be financially free. We share profit doing this; hence you make money we make too. It’s a win-win.

Buy a challenge from a preferred company. (We can give you recommendations if you want).

Send us the account details that The Prop Firm will send to you by email.

Login and monitor your trades. 

Our strategy ensures our pass rate is very high, however on the rear account that we cannot pass your challenge, you will get a 100% guarantee of a free retry.

We need the following.

1. MT4 account number.

2. Trader Password.

3. Server ID.

You can try again for free if you don’t exceed the drawdown limits (5 percent daily, 10 percent overall) but have a positive balance below the 10 percent profit target. The challenge is forfeited if you fail to meet the drawdown restrictions.  To reach the profit targets, all of our strategies have been executed several times on demo accounts and on actual FTMO challenges.

For $100,000  account size, We charge $800 for the two stages of challenge and verification. Once funded, if you want us to manage your funded account, you contact us for negotiation. Please note that we have limited number of account we can manage at a time.

No we don’t trade all prop firm. Contact support for a list of our recommended prop firm. 

We accept a minimum of $100,000  prop firm account size. 

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