How To Pass FTMO Challange

How to Quickly Pass the FTMO Challenge

in this article, we will talk about how to pass the FTMO challenge and verification. FTMO Challenge is one of the ways serious forex traders get funded and take their trading to the next level. In just a few weeks, traders can move from being passion traders to trading up to $400,000 in trading capital, thanks to FTMO.

The FTMO challenge is well-known for being difficult to complete, leaving traders questioning, “How do you pass the challenge?” We’ll look at how to pass the FTMO challenge in this post, including the regulations, risk management, and even a trading technique that could help you get there! Let’s learn more.

The Rules of the FTMO Challenge

One of the reasons traders aren’t getting FTMO funds is that they don’t understand the required regulations and risk management needed to pass the challenge. It would help if you first acquaint yourself with the rules before you think of buying the challenge. I usually recommend taking the FTMO trial first, which is entirely free. So now that you’re sure of what you’ll need, especially the FTMO rules, let’s break them down in detail…

What You Will Require to Pass the FTMO Challenge

To pass the FTMO, you will require three things.
Firstly you will need an effective trading system that can earn you 10% in a month.
Good risk management skills can protect you from losing 5% in a single day.
And then the ability to repeat the process with consistency.


How to pass ftmo challange
How to pass ftmo challange


  • No holding of trades during weekends (unless you are trading the swing account)
  • During the trading week, overnight holding is permitted.
  • A 30-day trading period (20 trading days roughly)
  • A minimum of 10 trading days is required (you can open 0.01s if you pass the profit targets early)
  • A maximum daily loss of 5%
  • A maximum overall loss of 10%
  • A 10% profit target

In passing the FTMO challenge, you need a good strategy and an element of luck.  There have been months when I could comfortably achieve a 10% return by risking 2% every entry, and then there have been months when I was down 1% or breakeven using the same method. Markets fluctuate differently depending on economic sentiment and the time of year, and you must keep this in mind.

If you’re concerned about losing too many challenges and incurring high costs, MY FOREX FUND offers extremely low-cost prop firm Challenges as well.

According to my research, FTMO has the best offering compared to some of the other prop firms on our Top Prop Firms list, and part of that is due to how relaxed their regulations are and how simple passing the challenge is for profitable traders.

We understand how difficult it is to complete the FTMO or any Prop Firm Challenge on your own and how disheartening it is to fail. That’s why our team of expert traders will help you pass your Prop Challenge. You can get up to a $400,000 trading fund.

If you need help passing FTMO, we can manage your FTMO or guide you using our semi-automated system developed by our expert traders. CONTACT US today. Thanks

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